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So a few folks know that I've been working with Microsoft as Music Director for their flagship events. I've been doing it for a little bit over a year now and I definitely feel fancy.

One of the things I love about this position is that I get to curate a pre-show playlist. After last years success with the playlist, we have decided to expand it and share a sweet Spotify version of the playlist publicly! Take a second to check it out.

Full list of songs and artists is below.

Much love,



  1. Degrees of Light - Taylor McFerrin

  2. Bahia Dreamin' - Karriem Riggins

  3. Back in the House - DJ Harrison

  4. Way It Goes (It Is What It Is) - SassyBlack

  5. Yarará - Terror/Cactus

  6. Most Likely - Afta-1

  7. Float - Amber Navran

  8. Hello Marshall - Otis McDonald

  9. Favorite Song - Sinkane

  10. Marfim - Jovino Santos Neto

  11. IN Flight - LADYMONIX

  12. Sunrise - Leonce

  13. Battle of the Species - Antibalas

  14. Cruise Control - Buscrates

  15. FOMO - Amber Mark

  16. Cast On Out - Daedalus

  17. Dream Weaver - Space Ghost

  18. Aware - Omari Jazz, Jjjr

It's funny because I didn't like Discord in the first place. I mean, it's in the name! The interface was dull and unfriendly (imo). It was chaotic and stressful and I didn't understand why anyone needed it. Please note, this is just me complaining about how it worked (or didn't work) for me.) I have nothing against the creators or interesting communities of Discord, it just kicked my ass.

Even when I was doing my Twitch live streams, I couldn't get into it. It wasn't until I made my way into the wild world of web3 that I would be faced with the dilemma, to keep my peace of mind or join the chaos of Discord. Clearly, I decided to do the latter.

At first, people were excited because everyone had a Discord, but that became the big issue, EVERYONE in the web3 world had one. And it was competitive, everyone wanted a gift for showing up, so I had a GM counting bot and tried to set up events and chat every day and and... I was losing my mind. Like yesh. I tried out moderators, but even they couldn't save this sinking ship. And it wasn't just my Discord, it was happening everywhere.

I held on though. I held on as long as I could until, well now. As of May 1st, my Discord server is closing. Somethings just aren't meant to be! Instead I'll have my Patreon & Bandcamp subscriptions & my email newsletter (you should sign up). I can't do everything and it wasn't even fun! If you can Discord well, GREAT! I'm proud of you, teach the people. I, however will be letting it go, and letting it be.

"April showers" are really like "epic April storms" here in Atlanta. I didn't know what I was getting into when I moved here, but the day ended up being really beautiful and I'm grateful to be celebrating 1 year living here. All in all, I've been in my feels as of late and for good reason! My life is doing a lot and I am truly blessed, but with blessings comes stress regardless of how well intentioned you are.

So this month's playlist is full of feels and recoveries and discoveries. Bump & enjoy.


  1. Discovery of Self - SassyBlack

  2. Didn't Cha Know - Erykah Badu

  3. Alright - Ledisi

  4. Get to Know It - Moonchild

  5. Afro Combs - Afta-1

  6. Cut Off - Muhsinah

  7. Crying Water - The Brand New Heavies

  8. Not So Modern Times - SGJAZZ, Dr. Dundiff

  9. Latin Chill Vibes - Yaahn Hunter Jr., The Pocket Queen

  10. Replenish - Nyeusi, Justin Brown

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