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The                Universe

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An NFT Experience

As humans we must maneuver through the world with a certain amount of awareness in order to secure our wellbeing. As a Black Queer woman I have no choice but to protect myself. So I wear many masks to protect all that I am. This a part of a bigger series exploring the many ways that I protect myself through my artistic expression.



My body is my vessel, my spaceship if you will. I cherish it. At least now I do. The stereotypical constraints placed upon my beloved spaceship are mind numbing at times. Energy draining. 

External (and often internal) views push me into harsh situations where I am considered “strong”, “resilient” and ultimately undeserving of rest, physical reshaping and mental remapping. While these comments could be considered compliments, they also position me to carry more weight without time to recover which impacts my entire being subsequently shortening my life. 


Now I am evolving into a place where I can embrace myself including all my skin characteristics and curvaceous wonders. Now we surf the space ways with previously unknown joy and acceptance. 

(Respect My) Mental Health - Lyrics

You're always trying to give your affection

In the absolute wrong direction 

You're always trying to give your affection

In the absolute wrong direction 

But what you need to do

Is truly


My mental health

I sit, I deal

I grow

And heal

I cry

Cause I feel


Every little thing

And that brings me to the point of this conversation 

I wrote this song while exploring the process of placing boundaries around my spiritual wellbeing. I do my best to show up & maintain sustainable expectations of myself and I realized that my mental health had to be respected at all costs no matter the situation.

"I sit. I deal. I grow. And heal.

I cry, cause I feel... everything.

Every little thing."

Full lyrics here.

This is an extension of my 1/1 piece "ACCEPT: Body".

This is one of the many ways I see myself floating through the universe.
As I continue to evolve and explore my creative expression, I will push myself forward to redefine what my body means to me. 



What is it about the government that makes us think that they will support us in the face of dire situations? Why do we believe in the news?

Where is the proof of concept for disenfranchised and marginalized communities? 


I often feel betrayed by the system and in this present time I am reminded that humans are an afterthought when substantial financial opportunities arise.


I believe it is possible to shift these toxic dynamics out of existence but it takes practice and acknowledgement. It takes time, patience and persistence. 


Bops will come and go, whether they be musical or threatening. 

I choose joy while dealing with this rather disingenuous reality. 


How will you handle the awesome horrors that be?


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