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An NFT Experience

As humans we must maneuver through the world with a certain amount of awareness in order to secure our wellbeing. As a Black Queer woman I have no choice but to protect myself. So I wear many masks to protect all that I am. This a part of a bigger series exploring the many ways that I protect myself through my artistic expression.



A few years ago I launched a series on Instagram to stretch myself as an artist. Performing live was draining me and I needed space to grow. I needed a place to experiment and engage with folx throughout the world in my own way. Thus "SassyBlack Sundays" was born. Over time it morphed into soothing practice and when the pandemic hit, it helped to keep me sane.

Please enjoy this performance of "(Respect My) Mental Health)".

Let the lyrics and tone resonate with you and seep into your spirit.


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