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April SBU Spotify Playlist

"April showers" are really like "epic April storms" here in Atlanta. I didn't know what I was getting into when I moved here, but the day ended up being really beautiful and I'm grateful to be celebrating 1 year living here. All in all, I've been in my feels as of late and for good reason! My life is doing a lot and I am truly blessed, but with blessings comes stress regardless of how well intentioned you are.

So this month's playlist is full of feels and recoveries and discoveries. Bump & enjoy.


  1. Discovery of Self - SassyBlack

  2. Didn't Cha Know - Erykah Badu

  3. Alright - Ledisi

  4. Get to Know It - Moonchild

  5. Afro Combs - Afta-1

  6. Cut Off - Muhsinah

  7. Crying Water - The Brand New Heavies

  8. Not So Modern Times - SGJAZZ, Dr. Dundiff

  9. Latin Chill Vibes - Yaahn Hunter Jr., The Pocket Queen

  10. Replenish - Nyeusi, Justin Brown

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