Happy Birthday "No More Weak Dates"!

Today marks the 5th anniversary/birthday (IDK lol) of "No More Weak Dates"! This album was crazy. Really fun to make and marks the beginning of a big journey for me as a solo artist.

I love it. It's weird and wacky and soulful and sci fi. My music has evolved so much since 2015 (when I was writing it) and I am grateful to celebrate it's impact today.

You can celebrate with me too!

  1. Watch "New Boo", the only music video/short film from this album. It's got a whole lot of cameos and I had a lot of fun making it.

  2. Stream the album on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL... I mean really anywhere! (For now...)

  3. BUY THE RECORD here on my Bandcamp. How about that? I'd love it if you did that. That would be so cute.

  4. SUBSCRIBE to my Bandcamp and get access to all my music and the new music I release every two weeks exclusively to my subscribers.

Anywho, happy birthday to one of my music babies. She's still strutting around like a baddie.


Cat/Sass/Who Am I

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