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I Deleted Telegram (And Now I Feel Free!)

I deleted telegram. I had to do it. I had to make that leap. It was holding my mind captive and I didn't even realize it. There were so many missed messages and it just felt like Twitter but without the information & memes, just non stop texting. I know, I know, I sound like a hater, but oh well.

Here are some issues I had with the platform and how they took up space in the back of my beautiful brain:

  1. Old Contacts & New Messages THIS. What the hell is this? Whenever one of my contact installs & signs up for Telegram, I get a notification and a new message is initiated. And now we have to talk immediately? That's a big ask my friend. Plus these aren't always my friends, just people who have my number (I've had this number for over a decade). I don't want this and I don't think most people do. How rude.

  2. Silently Shames You For Deleting Messages When you go to delete this message that was started on behalf of you with a stranger/contact you don't necessarily want to talk to, it tells you that it will delete it on both sides. Meaning, once where there was a message on both sides there is not a message on both sides. So I didn't start the message and now when I leave the message I look like a supreme jackass. Great. Telegram obviously wanna be startin' somethin' word to MJ.

  3. All the SPAM Where there is social media, there will always be spam. I used to love a good Spam Musubi when I ate meat and could eat soy (soy is bad for you ya'll and almost always has gluten in it :() but this ain't that. I would be added into group chats about Crypto, parties, musicians just trying to "connect" and whatever other nonsense. I. could not. stand it.

So I dipped out. Just deleted the app* on a whim. I didn't realize how much it was stressing me. It's not just this app though. It's social media on a whole. I will probably be writing another post about deleting another app very soon. Tis the season for freedom.

*I do still have an account because I wanted my handle, just dropped the app.

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