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Keke Palmer Plays The Sims

This was an amazing day for social media entertainment. Now, I love a good Instagram Live and this was one for the books. Keke Palmer is a gem and certified star. No one can sleep on that fact. And clearly she knows how to keep her adoring audience (myself included) engaged.

Just to give a quick recap:

Keke was live on IG playing The Sims 4 on her laptop. It's important to note that it was her laptop and not a console because she had CC (custom content). So her Sims were lookin' and acting a little different than those you'd find in the base game and even with all the Sims add-ons. These were some hip lookin' Sims!

Not only was she giving us a glimpse into her pregnant life, she also narrated the whole thing! She had a bunch of different voices for all of her characters. (This is something I do too and have done a lil bit of it on my Twitch when I used to stream there). She even had a story line which gave clear insight as to how involved she was in this game. Turns out she tweeted about some glitching that she was having in her gameplay and asked for someone to help her figure it out so I guess she took to IG to ask for help in real time.

Now I don't know if she got the help, but social media ATE THIS UP. Even BET wrote about it. And for good reason. A high profile actress like Keke showing her geeky side was something to be noted. And a lot of people are still clowned when it comes to playing games (myself included!). Add being Black and being a woman and it only gets more complicated.

IMO Keke helped to make gaming more acceptable in that moment. I think a lot of people don't want to see Black women enjoying and exploring different sides of themselves. It feels like another way to try and oppress us.

There are a lot of Black women gamers out there that are just enjoying themselves and the game. Black Girl Gamers is a community that showcases a few of them and there are far more out there playing all sorts of games outside of The Sims. I just loved it because I've been a Simmer for sometime and I felt seen. You can watch the whole thing here (for however long its up!), please mind that it is NOT PG-13.

Sass out

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