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New Black Swing: 6th Anniversary

Happy #NewBlackSwing Day! Ahhh! It’s been SIX YEARS since I released my 2nd album. It’s a love letter to #NewJackSwing and other popular Black music of that time.

I LOVED MAKING THIS RECORD with Mead St. And I LOVED working with Nena SoulFly & Amanda Lopez on these photos SHEESH!

I played with the concepts of masculinity and femininity. I took style cues from artists like Bobby Brown, Teddy Riley, George Michael & Whitney Houston.

This album changed the trajectory of my career. Songs from this album were highly recognized & licensed. #WhatWeGonnaDo was picked up by #AdultSwim. #Wild went on to be featured in the Official Michelle Obama Spotify playlist and sold out as an NFT Hologram in collaboration with Popins!

Due to budget constraints, I was only able to release 1 music video for the song #Glitches which you can watch below.

Celebrate with me by buying (through bandcamp) and streaming the record 🥰🥰

much love

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