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New New: 3 Ways Vol. 1

3 Ways Vol.1

This is another 48 hour experiment. I've been wanting to try out this concept of approaching one song 3 ways and seeing where it went. I did something similar a few years ago but never released the project and only performed it once. Maybe I'll release it as Vol. 2? Universe knows.

This feels good and weird and is inspired by my schweet bass gifted to me by my younger brother Chocolate Chuck (if you know, you know). I haven't named her yet but we are set to go on some awesome adventures and this project is just the beginning!

This project comes out September 3rd for Bandcamp Friday. If you are one of my beloved subscribers you already have it in your collection! If you would like to join the crew please do so right here. I'd love to be able to share all this new music with you!

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Sassy out!