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New Spotify Playlist: The SassyBlack Universe

In the spirit of the new year, I've created a new Spotify playlist, The SassyBlack Universe. Every month, I'll be sharing music that I'm currently diggin' and give you another glimpse into my world. This playlist represents some of the energy I'm bringing into 2023 leading with Depression from my 2019 album Ancient Mahogany Gold.

Enjoy & let me know what you think of the songs!


  1. Depression - SassyBlack

  2. Something New - Original Mix - Reel People, Muhsinah

  3. Free Your Dreams - Chantae Cann, Snarky Puppy

  4. Thankful - Farnell Newton, Toranpetto

  5. Body Shivers - Brooke D., Blk Orchid

  6. Killer California - Matt Martians

  7. This Year - Emily King

  8. Xpachecx - Marinero

  9. Not Alone - Emily Elbert

  10. In Touch With The Kosmos - Elusive

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