• Sassy

Source of Inspiration: 1

Okay. Where to start. What am I doing? Okay, let me set a 10 min timer and riff.

8:45 am on a chilly Seattle Saturday morning. The sun dipped into my house to say hello to my toes. My round lil "sausage" toes. It's always a welcomed greeting as I live on the first floor.

It's a source of inspiration.

I am often inspired by people/words/experiences. Um, actually I'm always inspired by various types of interactions. I just wanted to put it all in one place. And share it in a way that feels... Uplifting? Spacious. No, just in a way that makes you feel something because we are all numb.

This mix by innerversions made me feel this morning. I felt seen and heard and appreciated but also like someone else is inspired by something similar to me and has faced a similar outcome. Woah. That is rare and I am grateful.

I follow them on IG. That's how I found the post, opening this dreaded app seeking validation and LOOKY WHAT I FOUND. Just that. God & the Universe got me. They got you too.

Listen, enjoy. Give them love. Share this love.