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  • SassyBlack

The End of An Era: Bye Bye Discord

It's funny because I didn't like Discord in the first place. I mean, it's in the name! The interface was dull and unfriendly (imo). It was chaotic and stressful and I didn't understand why anyone needed it. Please note, this is just me complaining about how it worked (or didn't work) for me.) I have nothing against the creators or interesting communities of Discord, it just kicked my ass.

Even when I was doing my Twitch live streams, I couldn't get into it. It wasn't until I made my way into the wild world of web3 that I would be faced with the dilemma, to keep my peace of mind or join the chaos of Discord. Clearly, I decided to do the latter.

At first, people were excited because everyone had a Discord, but that became the big issue, EVERYONE in the web3 world had one. And it was competitive, everyone wanted a gift for showing up, so I had a GM counting bot and tried to set up events and chat every day and and... I was losing my mind. Like yesh. I tried out moderators, but even they couldn't save this sinking ship. And it wasn't just my Discord, it was happening everywhere.

I held on though. I held on as long as I could until, well now. As of May 1st, my Discord server is closing. Somethings just aren't meant to be! Instead I'll have my Patreon & Bandcamp subscriptions & my email newsletter (you should sign up). I can't do everything and it wasn't even fun! If you can Discord well, GREAT! I'm proud of you, teach the people. I, however will be letting it go, and letting it be.

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